Zac Efron Naked On a Toilet Video

Wow, so glad his career’s in the crapper that he has to do movies like this! ;) Fast forward to :57 in for the money shot! He’s gone from Disney High School Musical to Animal House.

College Frat Boys Rough Housing in the Dorm

Some great shirtless wrestling… I’ll take the blond!

Pro Wrestling Twinks Retirement Match

Wow these 2 are super cute. The shaggy haired blond surfer guy is the “student.” Ends with a tap out submission and a nice hug at the end that sends the imagination into overdrive. ;)

Here’s another match featuring the blond guy!

JPWA Style Pro Wrestling Frat Boys

For those who miss the days of JPWA, the defunct wrestling video maker that got into hot water and closed down shop years ago, you’ll enjoy this find. It’s some Australian college frat guys going at it with lots of long submission holds.

Barefoot Shirtless College Twinks Wrestling In The Dorm

Pretty much what is all about… two students drag the mattresses off their dorm beds. Shirts come off. Give a buddy your cell phone camera and voila! Camera man states the rules, “scratching, biting, and anything kinky” goes!

Shirtless Drunken Wrestling Frat Boys Make Bystanders Uncomfortable

Another night in the dorms where the mattresses are pulled off the bed and the shirts come off. I like one bystanders’ idea… “guys this is getting really gay, you should go wrestle in the rain.”

Shirtless Fight Club – Harlem Shake

Just when I thought I was totally sick of the Harlem Shake phenomenon!

Hunter Hayes Shirtless Photo – Kinda

Sadly this is as close as I’ve seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes photo. Country music’s hot blond twink probably showers in a wetsuit.

Closest I've seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes pic!

Closest I’ve seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes pic!

Cute Blond Twink In White Underwear Wrestling Drunk Buddy In Dorm

Lots of hot action, great up close filming, laughing, heavy breathing, taunting. Classic stuff!

Dorm Wrestling: Shirtless Twink Takes on Blond Buff Frat Boy

Wow, it’s videos like this that is why I started this blog. Classic Dorm Wrestling material here. A shirtless wiseass challenges his buddy to a wrestling match. No punching. Pretty uneven stats… the blond frat boy definitely hits the gym regularly. Ends in a nice tap out!


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