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Zac Efron Naked On a Toilet Video

Wow, so glad his career’s in the crapper that he has to do movies like this! 😉 Fast forward to :57 in for the money shot! He’s gone from Disney High School Musical to Animal House.


Hunter Hayes Shirtless Photo – Kinda

Sadly this is as close as I’ve seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes photo. Country music’s hot blond twink probably showers in a wetsuit.

Closest I've seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes pic!

Closest I’ve seen to a shirtless Hunter Hayes pic!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Eben Franckewitz Shirtless Twitter Photos

Wow, this kid’s getting HOT! American Idol contestant Eben Frankewitz, who drew comparisons to Justin Bieber this season, just tweeted these!

Jedward Shirtless Music Video For “Sexy & And I Know It”

Would love to have a 3 way… match… with these idiots!

Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless Video

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Daniel Radcliffe as a Shirtless Target Employee

If you saw SNL last night, this probably caught your eye too! A very hairy Potter.

New Shirtless Tim Urban Picture

From his Twitter:

More Tim Urban pictures…

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Ryan Phillippe

Is there a human being more perfect than Ryan Phillippe? Check out this rare scene clip that didn’t make it to Cruel Intentions… sadly. Enjoy Ryan’s stair climb out of the pool.

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Travis Garland

Perez Hilton discovered this kid. He’s a buff emo looking guy who was in a boyband called NLT. Trying to be the next Justin Timberlake or Bieber. The song’s ok, but the video’s smokin’.

Click here to watch the music video…

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Justin Timberlake

Credit to World of Justin for these shots of JT on the set of his movie “Now” in Malibu this week. Oh the fantasies these pics can generate when the other guy walks into the shots!!!


For the hottest shirtless Justin Timberlake scenes ever, grab ALPHA DOG!