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Justin Timberlake Naked Mud Wrestling

A little shirtless Justin Timberlake footage from The Social Network. Plus Justin talks about the the deleted “naked mud wrestling” scene. If he’d have been more convincing, DVD preorders would’ve set records!

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The DVD’s you want to get:

“Alpha Dog” – lots of Justin shirtlessness with (fake) tats
“The Social Network” – not much Justin, but you get a little flesh
“Black Snake Moan” – some good bed action
“The Love Guru” – stupid movie, but Justin’s in a speedo


Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Shirtless Jared Leto

Wow… check out his bod in the new 30 Seconds to Mars video!

More Shirtless Jedward

Again, I don’t know why they’re famous. I guess they’re just 2 punks in the UK who are getting by in music in the UK based on their look. As long as they keep posing shirtless, I’m good.

Check out their calendar where they do a somewhat-hot pose boxing each other… shirts on though sadly.

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Jensen Ackles

Long before he was on Supernatural, I was hot for this guy. A cute blond babyface… intense eyes, and not so bad when the shirt comes off!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Brian Austin Green

Maybe you remember him as geeky David Silver on 90210. Take a look at him now on Desperate Housewives!

And if you like Brian, you MUST get this DVD!!! He’s HOTTTT in it… nice towel scene!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Aaron Carter Shirtless

Wow, look who got RIPPED! Former teen idol and Dancing With The Stars contestant crybaby Aaron Carter has been working out. Check the abs! Hot?

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Kris Allen

Finally some shirtless and barefoot shots have leaked from the American Idol! Apparently he wasn’t too happy these got out. Nothing he should fell ashamed about… hot bod! Nice treasure trail too!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Jedward

I don’t know much about these two, but they send my twin fantasy into overdrive! They’re some kind of American Idol rejects out of the UK. First shirtless picture of them I’ve seen.

Jedward Shirtless

Jedward Shirtless

Jedward Shirtless

Check out their almost shirtless shot…

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Tittensor Twins

Gotta be honest. I have no idea who these guys are or why they’re famous. They’re some kind of European sensation at the moment. But it drives me crazy when guys lift their shirts… so hot. And check out the abs on these boys.

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Shaun White Part 2

Jeezus just when my Shaun White thing was starting to fade away with the rest of the Olympics, he goes and does this Rolling Stone photo shoot.