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Ryan Phillippe’s Deleted Shirtless Dancing & Gay Makeout Scenes In 54 Director’s Cut

54 was panned in the 90s but has developed a cult like gay following. It’s a fun music video of a movie from a time of drugs, clubs and sex. The movie that came out in theaters and on DVD, however, is a watered down version that was missing the raw (and often gay) elements that truly defined the Studio 54 experience. Fortunately the 54 Director’s Cut is now finally available almost 20 years later!

About 40 minutes of what was left on the cutting room floor is now back in glorious HD, including Ryan Phillippe’s flirtation with co-star Brecken Meyer. You see the two dancing behind the bar shirtless Magic Mike style. Even better, later in the film at about the 1:07 mark (yeah I know you’re going to fast forward), the two share an emotional moment that ends with a makeout session.

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Some scenes that were cut I’ve noticed so far:
– Ryan Phillippe in a hot tub with a sugar daddy. They share a kiss.

– Ryan Phillippe’s makeout scene with Brecken Meyer in a dark abandoned Studio 54

– Ryan Phillippe dancing shirtless behind the bar at 54 with Brecken

– The photo shoot of Ryan in this shirtless Santa outfit:

… still watching it, I’ll add more!


Zac Efron Naked On a Toilet Video

Wow, so glad his career’s in the crapper that he has to do movies like this! 😉 Fast forward to :57 in for the money shot! He’s gone from Disney High School Musical to Animal House.

Pro Wrestling Twinks Retirement Match

Wow these 2 are super cute. The shaggy haired blond surfer guy is the “student.” Ends with a tap out submission and a nice hug at the end that sends the imagination into overdrive. 😉

Here’s another match featuring the blond guy!

An Interview With A Young Kevin Von Erich

Kevin is pretty much the prototype! Blond hair, toned body… and of course, stunning good looks!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Eben Franckewitz Shirtless Twitter Photos

Wow, this kid’s getting HOT! American Idol contestant Eben Frankewitz, who drew comparisons to Justin Bieber this season, just tweeted these!

Jedward Shirtless Music Video For “Sexy & And I Know It”

Would love to have a 3 way… match… with these idiots!

Hot Shirtless Backyard Wrestlers

Jonathan Kovac Wrestling

Hot Australian actor Jonathan Kovac steps in the ring. Hot!

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Ryan Phillippe

Is there a human being more perfect than Ryan Phillippe? Check out this rare scene clip that didn’t make it to Cruel Intentions… sadly. Enjoy Ryan’s stair climb out of the pool.

Guys I Wanna Wrestle: Justin Timberlake

Credit to World of Justin for these shots of JT on the set of his movie “Now” in Malibu this week. Oh the fantasies these pics can generate when the other guy walks into the shots!!!


For the hottest shirtless Justin Timberlake scenes ever, grab ALPHA DOG!