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Drunken Guys Wrestling in Underwear

Ah, we love you alcohol. You give us so many great videos for! These two frat boys are stripped down to their boxers and decide to grapple in bed. Some spanking and wedgies! Please keep this site alive by visiting our wrestling mall!


3 Way Match in Underwear

Saggers Wrestling in Bed

Saggers are the guys who wear their pants loose proudly displaying their underwear… kinda love em! Especially when they wrestle in bed!

“Don’t Fart!” Beefy College Boys Wrestling in Bed

“Boy Meets World” Wrestling Championship: Rider Strong vs. Matt Lawrence

I remember this scene helping me discover my sexuality (and future fetish haha)… from the Friday night TV show “Boy Meets World” on ABC, “Shawn” (Rider Strong) and “Jack” (Matthew Lawrence) get in an argument and wrestle it out! Scene starts off nicely with them sleeping side by side… hmm!

Roommates Wrestling

Lots of smiles, one talks about he just got done working out, one asks the other ‘Want me to take my shirt off too?”… hmm.

Wrestling in Briefs

Um the blond one please, or the other… or both.

They Even Made Costumes!

Most dorm matches consist of a couple frat boys in board shorts… but these guys take it to the next level with wrestling masks and costumes.  Some good big vs. little guy domination!

Flip in Flip out Shit | MySpace Video

Twinks Wrestling on a Trampoline

Twins in the backyard go at it on the family trampoline. Not terribly long and the video quality is marginal at best. But shirtless wrestling twins? Yeah that’s a no brainer – you’re getting featured on!

Big Guy/Little Guy Mismatch

A fun dorm match begins over a bottle of water. A 165 pounder takes on a 300 pounder. The little guy does his best but just gets subjected to suplex after suplex.