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Pro Wrestling Twinks Retirement Match

Wow these 2 are super cute. The shaggy haired blond surfer guy is the “student.” Ends with a tap out submission and a nice hug at the end that sends the imagination into overdrive. 😉

Here’s another match featuring the blond guy!


JPWA Style Pro Wrestling Frat Boys

For those who miss the days of JPWA, the defunct wrestling video maker that got into hot water and closed down shop years ago, you’ll enjoy this find. It’s some Australian college frat guys going at it with lots of long submission holds.

Shirtless Drunken Wrestling Frat Boys Make Bystanders Uncomfortable

Another night in the dorms where the mattresses are pulled off the bed and the shirts come off. I like one bystanders’ idea… “guys this is getting really gay, you should go wrestle in the rain.”

Wrestling Stance Lesson in the Garage

This one’s quite funny as the cute twink in the Georgia Tech basketball jersey has to instruct his buddy how to get down so he can mount him. The match evolves into some weird 69 position. Watch til the end cuz the buff blond twink takes the jersey off and flexes!

Wrestling on a Football Field

Mmm, interesting spot for a match.

I’m sure this hurts, but still I’d be a happy camper.

A submission hold is put on by a studly guy in jogging shorts. Again, I’m sure this hold hurts, but I’d wait til the last possible moment to tap out!

Wrestling in Bed

It’s short. The quality’s not great. But two guys wrestling in bed submission style – it makes the cut!

Redneck Twinks Wrestle

Two cute guys go at it in a wrestling match in the living room. Both are wearing basketball shorts and have a few tattoos. Ends in a nice submission tap out!

Shh! Don’t Wake The Students!

Looks like some late night imbibing was going on and the frat boys at this dorm had to keep it down so as not to wake the other students. Two barefoot guys go at it in jogging shorts. It gets pretty violent at a few spots.

Fat Guy vs. Tattoo’d Buff Dude

The fat dude is “undefeated” according to the YouTube description. Looks like Ronald McDonald knocked him out years ago. The dorm pulls all the mattresses into the common area and the boys get it on.