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If you were curious…

I was looking through our stats this morning and found the top 10 internet searches that lead to your visits to this site interesting. Thought you might too!

1. gay wrestling
2. tim urban barefoot
3. college boys wrestling
4. frat boys wrestling
5. dorm wrestling
6. youtube gay wrestling
7. boys mma fights in jeans and shirtless
8. boys wrestling dorms
9. tim urban barefeet
10. shirtless wrestling boys

Definitely some Tim Urban feet fans lol! Tim’s an American Idol contestant I featured in the “Guys I Wanna Wrestle” series. His vocals are mediocre at best. The judges hate him, but he’s cute and even though he lands in the bottom of the pack every week, he keeps moving on. I guess I’d suggest to him to perform in flip flops next week to help his chances!